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Dealer Restacking and Bringing in Bets


RP-2. Bringing in Bets is Discouraged. Routinely bringing in chips as betting and raising proceeds around the table is poor dealing practice. The reduction in bet stacks may influence the action, create confusion & increase the risk of error. The TDA recommends that dealers do not touch a player's bet unless a count is needed. Only the player currently facing action may ask the dealer to bring-in chips.

What are your experiences with this procedure? I personally like it, but I'mconsistently seeing dealers bring in the chips without being asked. Most that I see also tend to restack and count a medium sized bet without being asked.

It may seem efficient to them, but bringing in bets can indeed be error prone and may also influence the action.

Many players and some dealers too are unaware that only the player currently facing action may ask the dealer to bring in chips. I think that also applies to asking for a count (player facing action).

BTW I don't like bringing in bets when not asked, but I am not so opposed to the restacking if it's done quickly,

Thanks for you thoughts!

Nick C:

 In order to answer your question, I want to explain what I believe the TDA is addressing. Player A bets 100, Player B Raises 170 more (total 270). In order to evaluate the size of the raise, some dealers will size the bet against the raise leaving only the raise amount in the betting area (not in the center pot). This will make the size of the raise "stand alone."

 The practice is not approved by the TDA. I must confess that I am guilty of "bringing in chips" especially when dealing no limit, and when action is head to head.

 Bringing in bets, does not require a count, or any further breakdown of the stack. It just makes the amount required to call easier to read. IMO

I like it very much, and it works well for my dealers.  The dealers and players simply need to be "re-trained".  

When asked, we also give a total count, unless the player whose turn it is specifically asks "how much more is it to call" or something to that effect.

We also do not announce the amount (when not asked for a count) of any bet or raise, unless the bettor has verbalized the amount of the wager himself.


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