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Getting gaming assistant licence in Canada



Help needed. Is it possible to get working licence for Category 1 or 2 gaming assistant in Canada if I am a foreigner and what's the procedure?

Thank you  :)

Hi pipo:

Gaming licenses are issued by the individual provinces, in Canada.  For example, in Ontario, registrations are currently handled by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (http://www.agco.on.ca/en/home/index.aspx).  For other provinces, you will need to find the appropriate authority.  Different provinces may have different requirements;  however, as I understand it, most will require you to have confirmation of employment before a licence can be obtained.  If you have a job lined up at an authorized establishment, they will typically have someone there who can assist you in the process. 


Thank you for your answer K-Lo, it is very helpful because I need information about Ontario province. Do you know what are the job opportunities in casinos in the Greater Toronto Area for the dealer with 5 year experience?

I will message you.


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