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Dealer "advises" player

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When is unrequested dealer advice appropriate?

At final table there were multiple limps to the big bind who has a big stack -- BB raises to 10000 in seat 2.
Seat 5 then goes all-in for 40000. Dealer puts all-in button in front of Seat 5 (I don't remember for sure if she verbalized it at tis point)
Seat 8 then thinks for a a few moments and pushes 10,000 across the line. One or 2 chips are released but the remainder of the stack is in his hand. He appears to be unaware of the all-in re-raise by Seat 5.
The dealer then "reminds"  seat 8 that seat 5 is all-in. Seat 8 then proceeds to pull his chips back,including the two released chips.

It seems to me that the 2 released chips need to stay.
Since he hadn't released the rest and tda does not use forward motion, then maybe the rest can be retracted.
But I question whether the dealer should NOW be "re-offering" the un-requested advice that one player is all-in.

Thanks for your thoughts!

IMO, at a minimum the two released chips need to stay in the pot.  I am a bit confused by your statement that seat 8 pushes 10K across the line but released only 1 or 2 chips.  What is the value of those chips, do they constitute the entire 10K.  Based on the Accepted Action theory (whether you are in favor or not) as I understand it, I could also support a ruling that the whole 10K has to stay in the pot.

Personally, I don't have any problem with the dealer making it crystal clear that seat 5 was all in.  I don't think that constitutes in appropriate advice as he is not suggesting any form of action from following players, it is informative only.


Agree with Chet. I was also a bit confused by the question.

Nick C:
 I think Steven was referring to a stack of 500 count chips with a total of 10000 in hand; one or two were released but all crossed the line. That's what I got out of it anyway.
 The fact that Steven said "the player was unaware of the all-in re-raise from the player in seat 8" would indicate a gross misunderstanding. If there were no response from any other player (substantial action), I would have no problem allowing the player to retract his bet and reconsider.

OK K-Lo and Nick, but neither of you answered Steven's real question about whether it was correct for the dealer to inform Seat 8 that Seat 5 was all-in.  Steven posted;

A.  The dealer then "reminds"  seat 8 that seat 5 is all-in.
B.  But I question whether the dealer should NOW be "re-offering" the un-requested advice that one player is all-in.

Again, I have no problem as long as the statement is informational and not advisory.



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