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Everyone folds to the button and he asks the big blind "how much you got there"? and the BB replies "about 350 (blinds are 50/100) and so the button says "I call 350" and simultaneously throws 350 in the pot.  Do you make the chips stay in or only allow him to call the 100 bet he was facing?

Since he said, "I call", I would rule that he can only call the BB amount.  This leaves all options open to the BB, he can check or raise if he wants to.  I would also issue a warning. That solves the obvious angle shot.  If he does it again, at any time in the event, I would issue at least a 2 round penalty.


Nick C:
 I'm not sure I agree with you on this one. There are a couple of problems I have with not allowing the button to put 350 into the pot. The fact that he asked how much the BB had would indicate the intention of a raise and more convincing is the simultaneous push of 350 in chips. However, I don't know why he would say "I call 350" when he should have said raise. This is a perfect spot for the floor to rule either way. I might consider the experience (if known) of the player on the button and his or her reputation.
 There is another issue that was not mentioned. Was there a player in the SB position?

Nick:  I understand what you are saying, but lets consider this:

If the button player had said "Raise" and pushed out only 100 chips wouldn't you require him to at least put 200 chips into the pot?  The reason being that the verbal declaration of "Raise" would be binding per TDA Rule 35, specifically the second sentence.

If the verbal declaration is binding in the above instance, why would it not be binding in the original example? 

I believe that once the player said, "I Call", anything else is immaterial.  He can only call the BB.


Stuart Murray:
"I call" were the first words spoken by the player, therefore the button must call 100, even though he followed with a "I call 350" the bet the button was faced with was 100, anything said afterwards is irrelevant.



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