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Railbirds, Spectators, busted players


Do you allow spectators in the tournament area (not sitting at the table, not talking to the players, and only if the players don't mind).


Stuart Murray:
absolutely I allow them, it's good for transparency and advertising.  One thing I do need though is to buy barriers with the seat belt type pull outs for each venues final table because I can have problems with spectators getting far too close to the final table, which although mostly harmless could cause problems at some time.


No, I don't allow, because it could quickly turn into a "big mess" if every player has his own spectator  :-\

But every time I build the room layout, I think about spectators to make a rail as widest and closest as possible for the "show", without annoyance for the players.
And when a player bust, I allow him some minutes between tables (sometime to tell a friend he has bust or...) before asking him gently to leave the tournament area.
Firm in the rules and the room management, but allways kind and nice in my words  :)


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