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Report on the 2011 Summit.


Preliminary report from the 2011 TDA Summit:

Depending on how the new language is finally integrated with the 2009 Rules, it looks like a total of 12 new rules were adopted along with revisions to 11 current rules.

Please send in copies of your photos and/or videos of the meeting to:

The new rules set will be published once all language has been finalized. A rough estimate at this point is mid to late July.

Thanks to everyone who attended for making it such a productive event !  Many thanks to Genesis Gaming, Copag Cards, and the Rio Hotel and Casino.

Is there going to be any chance to see the proposed language for new / modified rules and offer input?

Yes, I was hoping there would be a draft with an opportunity to give some further input for the purpose of polishing things up.  I realize we could spend a bunch more time debating things but I would hope that we have all agreed to the basics of each of the changes.

Guillaume Gleize:
I can't wait to read the 11 revisions and the 12 new rules!



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