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Need a few details, on how to become a local bar TD in a "free poker" state


 What are some established norms to request from a   bar /game site   when proposing a new poker night with them ?
   costs,  fees,  prizes- locally believed to be $200 per night as state limits ( minnesota )

 in minnesota many local games are two a night with prizes of $25/25 (1st/2nd)  to $75-$200 winner take all  per game
i understand volume of players can make the diff. but when starting out ....      


--- Quote from: sledog2555 on January 03, 2010, 08:08:34 PM --- What are some established norms to request from a   bar /game site   when proposing a new poker night with them ?
   costs,  fees,  prizes- locally believed to be $100, $200 per night as state limits ( minn. )
--- End quote ---

Hi Sled. Prizes are easy... follow the law. Inquire with the state gaming commission, local police/sheriff, the local city/county attorney, and a personal attorney. And just because you see some organization awarding prizes at one venue, don't assume that's legal.. make sure. In some states gambling is defined as wagering cash or something of value AND/OR winning cash or something of value.... so you could easily find yourself on the wrong side of the law by charging nothing but giving away something of value even if the player has not wagered anything. Gaming laws have to be respected and they're usually interpreted tightly, especially in locations where the activity is openly visible.

As for what to charge, that's obviously a negotiation but just for bringing in the supplies and running the event I've heard everything from $20 to $50 per table. Just logically if you figure your average player might consume X dollars of drink and food over the course of a night, and you have 7 or 8 players at a table, what percent of that might the venue be willing to return to you for bringing in the business? That's the way the venue evaluates it. Also keep in mind alot of players at these type events are low-budget, they may just sip a bottle of water or a couple cokes all night so you have to take that into consideration also.

If you are located in Texas, contact me and I will be happy to help.

I can help you with the legal aspects in Georgia, Alabama, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania.  I would also recommend you check where there is some good information available through extensive reading.

Eric Meadows
Top 3 Poker

If you want to run a league in Texas is a very simple process to do. Here is what you really need to be aware of.

   All tournaments must be free to the players
o   You shall not reward players for buying alcohol
o   You can reward players for buying food
o   You can reward players with gifts or cash for playing
o   You can play poker 7 nights a week in any place you like
o   Players are not allowed to create/have side bets while playing a free event
o   You can allow player of 18 or older to play free poker, check with bar if they allow 18 years in their bar, if not then they must be 21. 


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