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Thought I'd put together a list of links pertaining to tournament rules from around the world. There always seem to be questions as to what rule should apply to which situation and what would the ruling be if you were the TD. Being that the TDA is becoming a worldwide body and many users of the forum are of different linguistic backgrounds, I thought this might be helpful. Maybe MikeB will even make it a sticky :)

Written in English

Tournament Director's Association Rules

The R.O.P.E.

Robert's Rules of Poker Version 4

Robert's Rules of Poker Version 5

Robert's Rules of Poker Version 6

Versions 7-10 are no longer accessible on the web.

Robert's Rules of Poker Version 11

Robert's Rules of Poker Downloadable Version 11

Asian Poker Tour Rules

European Poker Tour Rules

Latin American Poker Tour Rules

Asian Pacific Poker Tour

Heartland Poker's Rules Interesting additional set of rules at the bottom of the page.


I also have the FIDPA rules in .doc form if anyone is interested, although it is for season 2010

Written in Russian

Russian Poker Federation Rules

Written in French

Federation Francaise des Joueurs de Poker Rules - Is now defunct. However I do have a downloadable .pdf if anyone would like to review. The main tour in France is now governed by PokerStars and is now called the France Poker Series

France Poker Series Rules

Written in Portuguese

Brazilian Series of Poker Rules - This has not been updated since 2013. The BSOP is also now part of PokerStars and showcases similar rules of all associated brands.

Updated 05/09/2015

Wow, that is awesome.... thanks so much. I know I'll get into some of these links ASAP.
Jan Fisher

Added the FIDPA Rule set.

I have been looking for the old Hilton Book of Poker Rules.  Would anyone know where I can find a copy or a link online?


Frank M.

Using Google I found several links to the Hilton Poker Book or Hilton Poker Rules or Las Vegas Hilton Poker ....  Unfortunately, each and every one that I tried was no longer active.  Since Bob Ciaffone is generally regarded as the author of the Las Vegas Poker Rule Book, perhaps he has some ideas.  You can try his website at:  ""


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