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need help with staffing please

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hi everyone,

i got hired as td for this brand new poker room 15 tables and everything is going smooth but staffing!this place will be open from noon to 6am,the afternoons i exepect to have max 3 tables going(cash games) and at 7pm that's where i am exepecting the big rush (tournemant+cash game) and will slow down probably around 2am or 3am all the way to 6am.
the million dollar question: how many manager-dealer-chip runner-cashier etc etc i need you think?
thank you in advance for your help

Stuart Murray:
Hi Laura,

It's all dependant on whether you want your tournament tables dealer dealt or not, If the answer is no, i.e. self deal you only need 1 Shift Manager/Supervisor and cash table dealers on for the amount of tables you will be running, with the shift manager doing registration for tournament poker etc and supervising the cash tables.

If you want your tournament tables dealer dealt then you will need to strike the right balance of dealers for the tables you are using.

In my experience a cardroom will consist of:

Cardroom Manager
Cardroom Supervisors x 3
Licensed Croupiers x 3 (ish)
Poker Dealers x 4 (cash only) 20ish (Dealer Dealt)

Most roles above the unlicensed dealers are multi-tasking and the cash tables can pretty much run themselves if a gaming inspector/casino manager is available in the pit to make big rulings where necessary during the quiet periods.

with 15 tables I think you are being ambitious to have 3 cash tables running in the afternoons, I think you will probably find you would be overstaffed if you expected to maintain that level.  I reckon 1 table running 12-6 & 2-6 and your main times will be 6-2 with your tourneys and cash tables busiest then.

Cashier's usually 1-2 per shift so 3-6 cashiers. If this is a casino would the bank not be carrying out payouts and issuing cards/chips to floor staff?

With only 15 tables I don't think you need any runners.  The duty supervisor or manager can easily do all these tasks surely?

Hope it all goes well for you!


Nick C:
 Predicting the correct number of dealers in a new room requires time. Dealers will sometimes be asked to stay longer than their scheduled shift or, they may get an early out (eo). I recomend one Floorperson for every five tables.  try to overlap the start time of dealers and floor so they are not all changing at the same time. At least two cage employees and one chip runner. You may need one of the cage personnel to answer phone ins, and work the waiting board. You should have four dealers for every three tables. If part time dealers are used you will need more. Keep a log of each days action so you can make necessary adjustments for special events or tournaments.
 It is not a common practice in most large rooms but, until you have an idea of how many dealers and chip runners you need, let the dealers know that they will be assisting with preparing new set-ups and helping with fills if necessary. Hope this helps and GOOD LUCK!

thank you stuart and nick!

-should i have a 1 manager for the day time?(12pm-6pm or 7pm)or you don't think it's worth it?
-what about evenings? 2 floors +me and 20 dealers for tournemant +4 dealers for cash game +1 chip runner !does it make sense?
-from 2 am to 6am 1floor supervisor good enough?
i know i can't get it right at the begining my staff has to be somehow flexible but i am trying to hire staff and don't know how much i need and that's why i seem like a domie :)
thank you so much for your help

sorry guys i read your posts again and i think i got it!
thank you again for your help


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