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Poker TDA 2011 Summit: Rio room rate & TDA Directors-Only tournament

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Information update on the TDA Member room rate at the Rio for the TDA Summit:

1) All TDA members are invited to take advantage of the special players room rate at the Rio for the World Series of Poker.

2) The check-in desk at the Rio will ask for a WSOP tournament receipt to change your room rate to the WSOP players rate. You can use your receipt for buy-in to the Special TDA Director's-only tournament the evening of June 29th ($125 with cash payout but no bracelet).

3) If you don't play in the TDA tournament, you can obtain a WSOP hotel rate voucher at the Summit and use that at the front desk to get the players rate. Just ask for it at the TDA Summit registration table.

4) Lastly, please make your reservations through this link:

There is no charge to attend this event, it is open to all TDA members.

For those attendees who are a Harrah's/Caesar's Total Rewards members, I also suggest logging into - I got a rate at the Rio better than the WSOP rate.

There is no charge to members to attend the 2011 Poker TDA Summit. To RSVP simply send an e-mail to:

Include your:
The casino or poker tournament organization you're affiliated with
Your title or function

A reservation and name tag will be held for you at the registration table. Please also feel free to include a brief list of topics that you'd like to discuss at the Summit.

Brian Vickers:
Guys, seriously check out that totalrewards site instead.  I have never had a rewards card with Harrah's before, but I signed up for one through the website and once I logged in I got a room rate (average) of $52.50 a night for Mon-Thurs nights instead of the $69.99 wsop rate.  It's the same room, too!  Even the Friday night rate was only $85 instead of the $199(!) that the wsop rate would have got me for July 1st.  (I decided to leave Friday morning instead though instead of staying an extra night)

Thank you for posting that link, you saved me $70 that I can go donk off in the cash game  ;D

Where can we see the TDA's Tournament Structure?


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