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Has anyone had experience with pokertronic tables? they use radio frequency in the cards and the table to identify players whole cards so there is no need for cameras.

We plan on using those tables for our finals and if anyone has feedback on this I would appreciate it.

Let me answer this way:

I can go to Radio Shack and buy EVERTHING I need to sit in my vehicle outside your house and copy EVERY stroke on your keyboard, even if you don't have any type of wireless connection or accessory or anything.

I would no more consider playing in any such event than I would think about playing in a turney where I knew 3 or 4 players were cheating. 

RF stuff is fine for many things, but the possibilities for problems are immense in this instance.

I would certainly want to know what this vendor has IN PLACE to prevent anyone from intercepting the RF signal.  Then I would want to take what they say to someone experienced with RF technology (maybe a university electrical engineering or computer science department) for verification.

Hope this helps!!

The Pokertronic web site says that the maximum 'range' of the signal is about 4 inches or 10 centimeters.  That is fine, except it doesn't say anything about signal security between the antennas in the table and whatever receives that signal, it may be wireless or wired, but it could be a problem that isn't addressed. 

I do see these were used last year in the EPT, but personally I am not convinced with what I have seen and read.

Nick C:
Hello Megalodonk
 I've never heard of it, but don't go by me. I teach poker dealers, so eliminating them would never be appealing to me. Hey Chet, you don't have any of those old x-ray glasses that can see through things, do you?


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