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Who are the rulemakers for the 2010 World Series of Poker?

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Nick C:
I was wondering who the rulemakers or consultants for the World Series are? I also would like to know how to reach certain authors of books that have been very helpful to me in my teaching of dealers. Chuck Ferry is probably the least known, with the greatest impact on me personally. If anyone knows how I could reach Mr. Ferry or the editor, Nancy Duben I would appreciate it. For those of you interested in a couple of great little books loaded with information they are:   "THE COMPLETE POKER ROOM" by Chuck Ferry and "RULES OF POKER" by Chuck Ferry. This was published by Chuck and Eda Ferry. The last edition I have is the third printing from 2002. Thanks for any information anyone might have.

Nick Ciavarella

Nick C:
Hello to all,

  I have to say that I was surprised that not one person responded to my question about the rulemakers for the WSOP. I do have some good news. I was able to locate Chuck Ferry and I am happy to say that he is still involved in poker. I exchanged several email messages with him, and I expect that we will continue our correspondence. His books really are very informative and just what you need if you are thinking of opening a new poker room. Mr Ferry was in the in the Phillipines setting up the poker regulations earlier this year. He will be going back next month to follow up and make sure that they are doing it right. I expect to hear from him when he returns. It will be interesting to see how popular poker will be there.
  I would still like to know who has a say in the rules for the WSOP? I am curious because of the discrepancy on a topic that I mentioned on a different post. It had to do with the order of showdown.

Stuart Murray:
Best Guess would be that Jack Effel, WSOP TD and Director of Poker Operations for Harrah's will be your man, but it may be worthwhile contacting Matt Savage due to his previous involvement with the WSOP


Nick C:
Thanks Stuart

How's about "Rules of Poker",  Author: Lou Krieger  ISBN - 13:9780818406607  Is that good book too?

I couldn't find information about "THE COMPLETE POKER ROOM"  and "RULES OF POKER" by Chuck Ferry.  Do you have ISBN for those books?

Pls let me know!



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