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Button ante Tournament

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The Riddler:
Hi everybody,

Button Ante Tournament

Blinds 30.000/60.000
4 Players, Ante 30.000

UTG allin with 10.000
sb and bb are playing the hand to.
UTG winns the hand and get 10.000 from both players, so 30.000 Chips.
Question; who much from the 30k Ante is he winning? 1ok or 30k?

Same blinds and players...button is allin with 30.000 ( button ante)
what is the amount if he win the handl?..and should he be in the hand?

Thank You very much

Nick C:
Question #1. I would say the UTG Player gets the whole 30K

Not sure I understand Question #2

The Riddler:
Thanks Nick,

2 Question

if the player on the button can pay just ante 30k but no more chips to play?

is he in the game?
what is the amount if he wins the hand?

at question 1 we have to cleare if the button ante is an "ante" or "third blind"

thank you

Nick C:
I'm not really familiar with Button Ante but an ante has never been considered a bet so I would say (guess) the all-in button is in for the ante only.

I never played or dealt a button ante game. I know that if you don't have the ante in a cash game, you don't get dealt in. Tournament format should allow all players to play all of their there is a difference.

Not sure I'm answering your question but that's how I think it should be.

Look at it this way,  If a player in any event that has an ante, has only the ante amount left, this creates a side pot with the ante only player eligible for the main pot only. 

If the button player wins the hand, he is eligible to win the ante back but nothing else.  If the hand is lost, the player is out.

I don't see the fact that this is a button only ante event changes the procedure in any way.


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