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Betting Chart


Boris Mauboussin:
Hello folks,

What do you think about this ?

I have several points to discuss about this picture
- Player don't have cards, so technically it is allowed to read a betting chart when not involved in a hand.
- Player is on Seat 3 (The dealer can't see the screen)

1. How much are we sure the player will turn off the screen before getting/looking at his hole cards ?
2. Should the rule about the use of electronic devices be revisited ?

The comment from the photographer on this picture is : "When you have 20 Big Blinds and start to panic"
This photo was published on a French community poker website which has a huge pool of players (


Nick C:

 I don't think it should be allowed.

Max D:
When I played at the WSOP this year half the table is on their phones...  I don't think we can change that anymore.  I really have a solution for this. :-[


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