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TDA V3 Rule 38

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Terence Bertault:
Hi guys,

I'm looking the V3 just before finishing the translation & architecture ...

Are you sure that the rule 38 of V3 is easy to understand in english ?? lol

When I have started to translate the V2, it was impossible to translate this rule ...

It doesn't seem very clear presented like that.

Like that, the translation doesn t mean anything ... I swear ... ahah ... You can t translate word by word or the idea of each sentence.

But thanks to the Addendum I have understood it very clearly ... I have fixed it on my translation but just want to tell you ...  :)

Maybe it's clear in pure english but at first I was asking myself for what kind of game is it ...  loool

Maybe it will be better if you write it a new time ... I don't know ... but you have to keep in mind that there's no translation for all languages so you have to be the clearest as possible in english ...

Friendly regards guys !


Hi Terence:
Interesting question. Rule 38 is new in 2017. In English it's easy to understand in it's entirety, but perhaps not as much if you read word for word or sentence by sentence.

Title: Very important, this rule applies to how to handle burn cards after substantial action has occurred.

Key function: is the last sentence: "The stub is treated as a normal stub and one and only one card is burned off the stub for each subsequent street" i.e. you don't burn no cards, or two cards, or some other number in order to "preserve the original card order". Perhaps the word "original" would help in understanding?

As you point out, the Illustration Addendum clarifies it, and especially for newly-introduced rules it's very beneficial to have these examples!

Regardless, please feel free to write it in any terms that translate well functionally into French. We can always re-visit the language in 2019!

Terence Bertault:
Here's my point of view :

Rule 38:  Burns After Substantial Action
-> Title is not clear
Maybe something like " wrong number of cards in player hand after SA / Burns Management " ...
Hope you understand my idea behind my poor english ...

The burn card is to protect the stub, not “preserve card order”.
-> For me, there s a lot of possible missunderstanding with this first sentence.
Why please a burn card protect the stub ?
Maybe you can explain me the idea behind this sentence ?
Is this philosophy ?? ahah

If SA occurs and a hand is killed due to the wrong number of cards, all cards of the killed hand are mucked ....
-> No problem here

... and randomness applies to further dealing.
-> I think you don t have to put this sentence ... "randomness" ??
I have got to check in several dictionnaries but I think the meaning of this word can create others interrogations and disturb a TD on the application of this rule.

The stub is treated as a normal stub and one and only one card is burned off the stub for each subsequent street.
-> Best sentence of this rule but with a not clear beginning strangers are lost ... ^^

I will check the spanish translation soon; just to know how our friend has translated that.

I have seen already two french translations of V2 ... and in the two they have missed it.


Here is one wording proposal:

Rule 38: Burning Cards

Dealers use burn cards to protect the integrity of the stub.  Burn cards should not be used to adjust the order of cards dealt following a misdeal discovered after substantial action has occurred.   See TDA Rules: #35-D and #36

When a misdeal is discovered after substantial action occurs, the play of the hand must continue and cannot be re-dealt to correct the misdeal. The dealer must kill the misdealt player’s hand before continuing the hand with the remaining players. The remaining stub is random and is ruled to be in correct order under these circumstances. The dealer will not deal fewer or additional burn cards in an attempt to adjust the order of the cards to be dealt considering prior misdealt cards.

Best regards,

Terence Bertault:
Hi guys,

It's better for strangers I think, it's clearer ...

Friendly regards.



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