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Dealer pulls card into the deck


Hello, this happened on one of our tables in a cash game. Game was PLO, $1/$2.
A couple bets happened pre-flop, one players folds to a $10 bet, and dealer pulls his 4 cards into the deck (since it's cash game, dealers are allowed to deal with the deck sitting on the table ).
Dealer deals the flop, and 3 players went all-in. Burns, and deal the turn, burns and deal the river. After that, a player who folded on the flop claims that the 3 cards he folded were on the board ( since it was omaha, his 4th card was the burn ) as the dealer placed his cards on top of the deck.
How would you guys rule? Any difference if it were tournament play?

Nick C:

 First of all, it would be preferable if this were posted in the cash game category. There are some games when the deal is passed among the players. They do not use a non-competing house dealer. However, even "passing the deal" should offer much better protection for the deck. Even way back in the day, I don't recall placing the deck stub on the table until the dealing is done.

 Getting back to your (horrible) situation. Why didn't the player speak up before all board cards were tabled? Hard to prove that's what happened...Also, substantial action would dictate the hand remain with no change to any board cards.

 The only solution for a very unlikely scenario. Probably won't hear this one least I hope not! ::)

Sorry about that. I'm the TD on the house so whenever I hear something weird happening on the cash tables I try to figure how it woulda been handled on the tournament. So, no other way other than possibly accepting the board? Maybe taking those 4 cards and reshuffling?

Nick C:

 I really don't see any other way out. There is only one person who saw the cards in question...and he mucked them. Do you really want to go there? You don't need any future scenario to occur where a player doesn't like the board so his buddy claims he discarded some of the board cards!

 If the player recognized one or more cards from his discarded hand immediately, that might change my answer. However, you said the dealer placed the mucked hand on top of the deck so the complete flop was the dead hand. Nothing was said until after the turn and river...too late if you ask me.

 The best hand wins and hopefully, a lesson learned about keeping the muck separate from the deck stub!


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