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Calling for clock issue ?


Boris Mauboussin:
Hello folks,

Just noticed that :

--- Quote ---TDA 2017 V2.0

--- Quote ---29:  Calling for a Clock
If in TD’s judgement reasonable time has passed, he or she may call the clock or approve a clock request by any player in the event. A player on the clock has up to 25 seconds plus a 5 second countdown to act. If the player faces a bet and time expires, the hand is dead; if not facing a bet, the hand is checked. A tie goes to the player. TDs may adjust the time allowed and take other steps to fit the game and stop persistent delays. See also Rules 2 and 71.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---30:  At Your Seat and Live Hands
To have a live hand, players must be at their seats when the last card is dealt to all players on the initial deal. Players not then at their seats may not look at their cards which are killed immediately. Their posted blinds and antes forfeit to the pot and an absent player dealt the stud bring-in card posts the bring-in. Players must be at their seats to call for a clock (Rule 29). “At your seat” means in reach of your chair. This rule is not intended to encourage players to be out of their seats while in a hand.
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

Does this mean an 'at his seat' player could call for the clock on a player sitting on another table ? =)
I was picturing the situation during a hand for hand phase, while only 1 table is playing and 90 players waiting.

I am kidding but there is nothing in the text saying that a player can't.
(Or maybe I misread something)


Dave Miller:
 I think you should retract your remark about kidding.

I think the way you described it is exactly what is intended.

Boris Mauboussin:
Yes, this a (poor) figure of speech which I need to fix =)

Max D:
Common sense dictates that it would be at the table you are seating at (if not then why insist that you be at your seat) but it is true that the wording could leave people to interpret the way you describe it.  Maybe something that could be covered in 2019 to "tighten" the language, unless it is really supposed to be anyone at the event can call the clock at any table...


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