Dealer Awards Pot to the Wrong Person

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Albert is all in,

Brandon calls

Dealer kills Brandonīs hand wish is clearly the winner.

Dealer awards the pot mistakenly to Albert.

The whole table recognizes that Brandon won.

Albert says he is not returning the pot.

Floor is called

Cards are recognizable.  Also eyes in the sky says that info is correct.

What do you do?

Nick C:
Albert will be made an offer he can't refuse...something like; "Either the money from the pot is returned to Brandon, or he will be fitted for a pair of cement shoes and taken for a ride!" Seriously, the fact that the cash game is played in a casino, and the "eye in the sky" confirmed the mistake...I can't imagine any player refusing to return the pot to the rightful owner.

 Lets take the worst scenario and Albert is leaving with the money before security can even stop him. Albert should be forever barred from returning and the amount of the pot should be given to Brandon. Either the house or the dealer might be asked to make up for Brandon's financial loss.

 I know of no rule that would support what I've written. However, I do remember years ago when dealing in Las Vegas, dealers being responsible for pushing the pot to the wrong player. My experiences occurred in lower limit games, and the pot size was usually not equal to a weeks salary but that was the way it was handled. The player that was not the winner would almost always return the money, so it never really had a terrible ending...but that's the way it was.

Nick is 100% correct

Our rule is that the player must give him the $
If he refuses, he is banned until he pays
The casino will pay the winner what he is owed, as it was our error
That guy is never coming back until the casino gets their money from him

Nick C:
Brooks...Sounds like you agree with me. ;)


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