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Poker Brain Teaser


This was posted on Reddit today and I found it interesting so I thought I'd bring it here and see what people can come up with. I've come up with one solution which I'll post as a reply.

--- Quote ---Its a heads up NLHE hand and we have just been dealt a turn. Both players are all in and their hands are face up. Player A currently has the best hand, however he has no chance to scoop the pot. No matter what the river is the result will either be a chop or player B will scoop.
What are the hands and what is the board? To my knowledge (treating suits as arbitrary) there are only 3 possible answers.
--- End quote ---

Player A: 2-7o
Player B: 5-6o
Board: 4433r

Player A is currently in the lead with two pair, 7 kicker.

If the river is 8 or higher, split pot (both players play the board)
If the river is a 2 or 7, A's two pair is beaten by B's straight
If the river is a 5 or 6, B has a better two pair than A
If the river is a 3 or 4, split pot (both players play the board)

Confirmed this on CardPlayer's calculator. After the turn B has a 27.27% chance of winning, 72.73% chance of a chop.


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