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Freezeout, Re-entry or somethig new?

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One of the new poker organizer exist on Freezeout tournament, but I don't have idea how to detemine this event?

Day 1A Freezeout
Day 1B Freezeout
Day 1C Last Chance Freezeout (only for a players eliminatig in 1A and 1B)

Day 1C could be Re-buy, Add-on, Re-entry or A,B invitation only but never Freezeout? What is your opinion?

Nick C:

 Not the expert on re-buy, add-on, and re-entry...however, a freezeout can best be described as  follows: Ten players competing for a $1,000 seat in a tournament, each buy in for $100...the single winner accumulates the buy-in by defeating the other 9 players...

Nick C,

Q. is what is day 1C if 1A & 1B are Freezeout? (BTW it's not my idea)

Nick C:

 Seeing that no one is going to jump in and answer your question...I'll take a wild guess that after the "freezout" from Day 1A & 1B, all of the players that didn't make it can compete as often as they want.

 I remember players, attempting to save some entry fee money, competing over and over and over. They would have been better off had they just paid the total entry fee.

 I also remember players that had won a seat on an earlier "Freezout" yet they competed again and were allowed to sell their "second" or "third" seat if they wanted. This, of course, is not allowed in the stated rules above. It clearly indicates that it is for eliminated players from Day 1A & Day 1B. Hope this helps...

Max D:
Always been confused at the definition of freeze out, ."A table-stakes cash game or tournament that continues until a small number of players (usually only one) has all the money"....  Isn't that the definition of a tournament?


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