Extra cards found in muck

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So weird thing happened....

6 handed game, 2 players post flop. Which means 8 cards should be in the muck.
On the turn, dealer calls the floor because there are 11 cards in the muck.
All the burn cards are still in place.
Why was the muck being counted?
A player says he thinks he saw some cards fall off the stub!
You're the floor person, how do we proceed?

Nick C:
Hello Brooks,

 I guess the only reason anyone would count the muck is if they were certain they saw "extra cards" fall off the deck stub! How that could happen is pretty odd in itself. The fact that there was action pre-flop and post flop, I would say the hand must continue and played out to completion.

Dave Miller:
Count all the cards.

Assuming there are still only 52 cards on the table, the hand remains live.

If there is still a turn/river to come, restore the stub to the point where you started counting down. (Count it again to put them back in the right sequence.) I.E. Now the top cards may not be the original 'destined' turn/river, but they would be the cards used had the discrepancy not been noticed.

Do NOT try to figure out how many / which cards from the muck should be added to the stub. While the original 'destined' turn/river might be sitting on the top of the muck, you can't really be sure. Therefore, using different, unplayed cards is better than risking using cards that have been discarded. This is supported by Rule 36, regarding a shuffle of the stub when a turn or river is prematurely exposed.


--- Quote from: Dave Miller on October 28, 2016, 08:42:49 AM ---Count all the cards.

Assuming there are still only 52 cards on the table, the hand remains live.
--- End quote ---

My advice would be to simply remove the deck in question, treat as a sticky deck after the hand.  I would NEVER count a deck at the table to determine if I was going to keep the hand live, you'd just be opening yourself up to too many questions from the players.

Nick C:
Yeah Ralph...I agree that removing the deck before the next hand is best. I would not agree with any re-deal or counting the stub. Finish the hand or suspend further betting...that's about it, as far as my suggested options.


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