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Player issued a penalty as final table is assembling...


I had an interesting situation today in one of our tournaments.

242 players, top 20 got paid. 

One player was verbally abusing another player about not wanting to do a 20 way chop, and I gave the table a warning about harassing the player that didn't want to chop.

As we lose the 12th and 11th place to get to the final table, the same player that was harassing the player who didn't want to chop, verbally harasses the player in 11th.  As I had already given a warning, and the offending player dropped several F-bombs, I issued him a 1 round penalty as we got to the final table.

My question, is would you allow this player to talk about a 10-way chop with the players remaining, or make him serve his penalty first ?

I made the player serve his 1 round penalty first, just curious as to other's thoughts on the situation.

Nick C:
I think you did the right thing. He's lucky you didn't throw his ass out, you don't need him in your room. That's my humble opinion. ;D

Dave Miller:
 Well, if he's on penalty and away from the table, then duh, he's away from the table. He should not be allowed to discuss anything with anyone. However, if the other players agree to a chop, he should at least be allowed to also vote, but no further discussion.

Brian Vickers:
Tough spot as it's not just the offender who's affected now.  If the rest of table agrees (and clearly the offender has agreed) and we don't allow it, one or more of the shorter stacks might get knocked out before offender's penalty is up and be upset that they weren't permitted to chop.  I think I'd try to find middle ground which is not allow him to take place in discussion with players at the table, but once group has a proposition for a chop they can present it to the floor who can ask the offender for a simple yes or no if they agree to the chop proposal.  Now that I reread the other responses: yeah, what Dave said :)


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