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Proposal: Make "checking the nuts" rule an official rule.

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Brian Vickers:
My proposal is for an official inclusion of the informal "may not check the nuts if last to act" rule that is often cited and enforced by many poker rooms.  Not betting the exclusive nut hand when last to act on the final street is a form of soft play that, while generally not malicious, is among the easiest to prove did happen.  

Proposed language:
"A player who fails to take agressive action with a hand that cannnot be beaten or tied when last to act on the final betting round may be issued a penalty for soft play."

The "or tied" verbage stems from what many TDs rule in this scenario that it must be the "exclusive nut hand" for a penalty to be warranted, as a player could theoretically make an argument on a tieable hand that he was trying to save clock time by checking a hand he knew he would split.
Additionally, I would prefer "will be issued a penalty for soft play" but many other TDA rules state "may" when I would prefer "will" so I tried to keep it in line with the accepted standard.

Nick C:
Brian: Your proposed rule needs to add the highlighted section:

Proposed language:
"A player who fails to take aggressive action, when last to act with a hand that can not be beaten or tied on the final betting round of the final street may be issued a penalty for soft play."

 The "tied" verbiage is irrelevant in this discussion. Exclusive nut hand is the only focus.

Brian Vickers:
Nick, thank you.  That was my intent however in my haste I worded it poorly; I have edited my original post.  Also, the "or tied" is just my way of trying to define "exclusive nuts."

How about:

##:  Soft play with the exclusive nut hand

On the final street and when last to act, any player with the strongest possible hand in the given situation must either bet or raise, or they may incur a penalty for soft play.

Nick C:

 Unless I'm missing something on the prior posts on this subject, you and Brian have introduced the "missing link" that best describes the violation of checking the nuts. Your first 4 words on your proposed rule, are absent on other posts: "On the final street...."  That's what we need. I might change "with the strongest possible hand" to an unbeatable hand or better yet, "the exclusive nut hand" must bet or raise.

 On the FINAL street, and when LAST to act, any player holding the EXCLUSIVE nut hand MUST bet or raise, to avoid a mandatory penalty!


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