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Binding OOT action - proposed rewrite of TDA #38


Basically, the proposal is to make the OOT bet or call binding with wording such as:

38: Action Out of Turn (OOT)

A player who acts OOT is subject to penalty.  Action OOT is usually binding.  A player who is skipped by OOT action must defend his right to act in a timely manner.  All players have an obligation to act in turn and to help protect other players.  The dealer should be notified immediately of any OOT action.  If multiple OOT actions occur the floor should be called to render a decision.

A: Betting or calling out of turn is subject to penalty and is binding.  Skipped players must first be allowed to act.  When action returns to the OOT player:

* if the corrected bet is NOT LARGER than the OOT bet or call then the OOT bet or call stands
* if the corrected bet IS LARGER than the OOT bet or call then the OOT player may call or raise
* the OOT player may fold to a LARGER corrected bet but must forfeit the OOT bet or call to the pot
B: A player skipped by OOT action must defend his right to act. If there is reasonable time and the skipped player has not spoken up by the time substantial action (Rule 35) OOT occurs to his left, the floor will be called to render a decision on how to treat the skipped hand.

C: Folding OOT is always binding.

D: Checking OOT is binding unless there is a corrected bet.  The OOT player may fold or call the corrected bet but cannot raise.

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Nick C:

 I like most of what I've read so far. I do have a problem with any player that folds, in turn or out of turn, when not facing a bet. We need to address this important scenario. Years ago I wrote my suggestions for making a change to OOT. I'll go back and see if I can find it.


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