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2015 TDA Summit Sponsor: IFP, International Federation of Poker and Match Poker

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The 2015 Poker TDA Summit is made possible in part due to the generosity of the International Federation of Poker (IFP).

One major focus of the IFP is in gaining recognition of poker as a truly skillful "mindsport", much the same as chess. The organization has grown from 7 initial national federations to over 50 today.

The IFP has developed technology to support a new version of poker known as Match Poker (MP). Match Poker adds an entirely new dimension to the measurement of player skill. This is accomplished by pitting the player in Seat 1, Table 1 not only against the other 7 players at Table 1, but also against all other players in Seat 1 at all other tables. To test players' skill, the same hands are dealt to all tables, so Seat 1 at all tables receives the same downcards, Seat 2 at all tables receives the same downcards, etc. In this way, MP reduces the effect of a "bad or good run of cards" and focuses instead on what players do with the cards they are dealt. For example, if Seat 1 receives a relatively weak series of downcards while Seat 5 has a very strong series, accomplishing a minor positive end result on Seat 1 may in fact require the same or higher skill level than a larger positive end result at Seat 5.

Match Poker can be played in both individual and group format and may be conducted as an event within a conventional tournament or in an MP-only tournament. The group format option makes it possible for national teams to compete much the same as in other international sporting events.

The IFP will be unveiling it's latest technology at the 2015 TDA Summit, including a live demonstration of a Match Poker event.

For more information about the IFP, visit:       For an overview of Match Poker visit:

Brian Vickers:
So... bridge?

Brian: it has been described as the "contract bridge" of poker.

Brian Vickers:

--- Quote from: MikeB on May 19, 2015, 03:54:26 PM ---Brian: it has been described as the "contract bridge" of poker.

--- End quote ---
Sounds about right.

I am close to 100% sure I've seen a tournament do this many years ago, or maybe it was planned but didn't end up running.  It was either at the Hard Rock in Tulsa or I read about it online.

Hi Everyone,

Essentially yes it is played exactly as in Contract Bridge.

The major development that has helped bring this variation to life is the use of technology.

You would be right in thinking that running an event such as this with pre-shuffled decks (100's of them) would be simply too labor intensive.

For those in attendance, you will be able to see how technology over the last few years has helped bring this variation into a new light.

I am excited to show you all, and look forward to helping the team at the IFP to demonstrate it in real life.


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