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OOT action when heads up at start of betting round

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Brian Vickers:
When a betting round begins heads-up, any action OOT is binding.

Currently, if A and B are the only two players in the pot on the river, Action is on A, and B says "bet 500," A must arbitrarily "check" for B's bet to stand.  How many of you have seen this scenario though: A is first to act and hasn't done anything, B bets 500, A throws out the 500 chip thinking he is now calling, B then argues that A's 500 bet changes the action and B should be able to take his bet back.  The way the current rule reads, if A doesn't "check" and then "call" then B is correct, this is a bet of 500 that would change action.  My feeling is that this should not be allowed to happen.  My recommendation is listed above, and with my recomendation in place, this ruling on this scenario would be a bet by B and a call by A.


Very worthy proposal for consideration at the 2015 Summit. A player at this year's Bay 101 WPT suggested that same rule to Matt and me.

Nick C:
Hello Mike and Brian,

 I've always felt head to head should be governed by a separate rule set. Dealers must be considered as one of the persons to even consider substantial action. Also, I am still very confused about action changing, when the OOT player's action, should never even be considered. When the OOT is the offending player, why should he be allowed any advantage?

 I agree, this needs to be addressed, and changed.

Link to a related discussion thread:

This is already covered by Accepted Action. A bet and call. Action is accepted. Next hand.


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