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I haven't done a good job of keeping up with the TDA of late.  Recently (beginning of April '14) I visited for the first time in several months and stumbled upon a list of around 45'ish (I think) rules or procedures set out by the TDA to supplement Robert's Rules or any house regulations.  When I came back to find and share this info, the closest I can come is the Recommended Procedures list.  This is, however, slightly different and apparently dated as it has a few different positions from what I believe to be accurate (i.e. sitting when the first card is dealt as opposed to the former being within arms reach and etc.  Was I on crack or is there another list floating around.  I'd like to get all of my TDs up to speed on the latest and greatest version of what we should all be doing every time at every event.

Version 1.1 of the rules adopted at the 2013 TDA Summit can be found here:

You can find a whole lot of information including various ways to print out these rules in this thread:

Nick C:
While we're on the subject, is there a reason that version 1.1 was never amended? I kept waiting for version 2.0 but it never happened. I'd also like to know, how many card rooms enforce the new TDA # 29 ? Last I heard the WSOP was not even using it.

There are very few diffs between 1.1 and 2.0.

43:  Multiple Chip Betting
When facing a bet, unless a raise is declared first, a multiple-chip bet is a call if every chip is needed to make the call; i.e. removal of just one of the smallest chips leaves less than the call amount. Example: preflop, 200-400 blinds: A raises to 1200 total (an 800 raise), B puts out two 1000 chips without declaring raise. This is just a call because removing one 1000 chip leaves less than the amount to call (1200). If the single removal of just one of the smallest chips leaves the call amount or more, the bet is governed by the 50% standard in Rule 41. See Illustration Addendum.

49: Dollar signs are removed in front of 500 and 5000

58-B: B: Penalty options include verbal warnings, “missed hands”, “missed rounds”, and disqualification. Missed round penalties are assessed as follows: the offender will miss one hand for every player (including the offender) at the table when the penalty is given multiplied by the number of penalty rounds.  Staff can assess 1 or more missed-hand penalties; one or more missed-round penalties, or disqualification. Repeat infractions are subject to escalating penalties.

Illustration addendum, Rule 41, Example 1: Example 1: NLHE, Blinds 100-200. Post-flop, A opens with a bet of 600. B raises 1000 for total of 1600. C re-raises 2000 for total of 3600. If D wants to raise, he must at least raise the “largest bet or raise of the current round”, which is C’s raise of 2000. So D must re-raise at least 2000 more for a total of 5600. Note that D’s minimum raise is not 3600 (C’s total bet), but only 2000, the additional raise action that C added.
The above are relatively minor compared to Version 2.0's of prior years. Release has been held up pending another major announcement by the Association, hopefully will go out next week.

As for what venue uses what rules, ultimately all rules are House Rules and that's a house decision.

Nick C:

 Are you saying that there was a 2.0? If so, when? What about "First card off?" I've heard nothing since all the controversy months ago?


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