Suggestions for New TDA Rules and Amendments to Existing Rules: for 2019 Summit


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[1] 2019 Summit Dates?

[2] Mistakes in good faith after bad dealer instructions. Card exposure by the house

[3] Tabling "all cards": how to handle sloppily tabled hands / cards in question?

[4] Clarifying Rule #34 - Button in Heads-Up

[5] Refunding uncalled bets by a hand that is subsequently killed or fouled

[6] Multiple short all-ins, re-opening the bet, minimum amt to raise etc.

[7] Should floor be called everytime nut hand is checked at last action on the river

[8] Should chips released vs. fwd motion vs. betting line be clarified?

[9] Should the "option to leave the bet in and fold" rule be clarified?


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