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Title: Tournament software and hardware procedures
Post by: Luca P. on August 02, 2011, 12:22:38 AM
Hello everybody,
I think it's important, for a TD, being confortable with tournament software and hardware during and after the game.


Be confortable with personal computer usage: that means basic knowledge about how to turn it on and off properly, how to set various components to fit what we need.

Being able to connect third party hardware to our personal computer: that means basic knowledge of scanners, thermal printers, microphone and loudspeakers usage.


Being able to use proper softwares for what we need.

Basic knowledge on how a personal computer works: OS, limitations, programs.

Fully usage of tournament software: setting blind structure, registering and printing tickets for players, creating databases and leagues, creating a pleasant tournament info tab, adding and removing players, setting sounds.

Being confortable with html-based softwares: writing rank pages, managing internet cardroom site.

Any suggestions are well appreciated
Luca Palmieri