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Title: Planned article for Ante Up Magazine
Post by: Nick C on July 11, 2011, 01:27:11 PM
I am posting an article that I was asked to write for Ante Up Magazine. I was told that it didn't have enough "meat" in it for their August Edition. I did spend some time on it, and I thought that I would put it out there for all to see.
                                              THE 2011 TDA SUMMIT

The long awaited 2011 Poker TDA Summit (Tournament Directors Association) was held June29th and 30th at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. The event attracted about 150 members representing 21 countries. The TDA was originated in 2001 when the first summit consisted of just 14 members. Since it's inception the association has grown to over 1400. The existing rules were from the last Summit on September, 15, 2009. As always the original board members were all in attendance. Matt Savage, David Lamb, Linda Johnson and Jan Fisher are all well known, and respected worldwide, for their tireless efforts, to set a standardized set of rules for poker tournaments everywhere.

This years summit was made possible by the sponsors: Genesis Gaming Solutions, developers of Premier Poker and Bravo Poker Systems: Copag Cards, providing casino-quality cards for over 100 years, and the Rio Hotel & Casino, host of the World Series of Poker and the 2011 TDA Summit. With every special event there is a go-to-guy that does it all, and sometimes gets little mention. I will echo the words of the Board of Directors when I single out Mike Bishop. Without Mike's knowledge of tournament poker and the TDA rules, the Summit would not  have been the success it was. There were a dozen new rules added to the existing 44 from 2009. There were also another 11 or more changes to existing rules, and 5 recommended procedures will be issued. Version 1.0 will be available by the time Ante Up reaches your card room.  Version 2.0 will follow if needed. For a copy of the 2011 TDA Rules, and a chance to voice your opinion by joining the TDA, go to and join the association. We encourage your  participation in the Discussion Forum. Membership is free.

The nature of the past Summit's seem to have a cycle. The 2009 Summit had only 4 new rules but, 19 clarifications to existing rules. This years event was loaded with input from poker professionals around the world. Resulting in 12 new rules. This would indicate that the next Summit (2012 or 2013), will more than likely have fewer new rules, and more fine-tuning of the rules adopted at this Summit.

Day one began on schedule at 10:30 am. After a brief introduction of the Board Members the review of current TDA Rules began. Each of the following categories was reviewed, beginning with General Tournament Concepts, Seating, Breaking & Balancing Tables, General Procedures of Play, Player Present & Eligible for Hand, Button & Blinds, Dealing Errors, Bets & Raises, Etiquette & Penalties and other issues. It was quite obvious that it would be almost impossible to cover each rule. The vocal participation from those present was continuous. It seemed as if everyone had something to add to whatever rule was discussed. The close voting on most of the subjects, brought to the table, was an indication of how tough it will be to satisfy everyone. Even David, Matt, Linda, and Jan did not agree on everything. There were major strides made in defining rules that were always a little, too vague.

An added bonus was given to those present when Daniel Negreanu stopped in, and voiced his opinion on an incident that he thought was worthy of consideration for a new rule. He was very articulate and personable. He was also pressed for time, he was about to enter another WSOP event, so he said goodbye and exited to a nice round of applause. A short time after Daniel's visit, we were entertained by yet another world class player when Barry Greenstein stopped in and spent some time going over some issues that he had about inconsistencies using the clock in tournaments. It was good to see these ambassadors of the game and I know that everyone appreciated their input.    *I WILL CONTINUE IT ON THE NEXT POST.
Title: Re: Planned article for Ante Up Magazine
Post by: Nick C on July 11, 2011, 01:29:45 PM
Barry exited to the same ovation that Daniel received and was on his way to sign-up for another WSOP event.

 The first day's business ended at 5:30pm and was followed by the 2011 Tournament Director's Association event at the WSOP. The tournament began at 7:00pm and went until the wee hours of the morning.  Congratulations to the winner, Anthony Furnier, Poker Tournament Director at Greyhound Racing & Poker in Jacksonville Florida. He out played over 75 TDA members for his cash prize and trophy. He will also have bragging rights, at least until the next Summit.

 Day two began at 10am. Proposed new rules were discussed, and more voting began. Important issues that are more categorized as etiquette, like bad spectator behavior, civility and even how to handle the delicate subject of hygiene was debated. The efforts of the TDA, at this years Summit, will have an impact on Tournament poker worldwide. There may be a need to amend an old rule, or tweak it a bit. There will be new games that will call for new rules. I am happy to say that, as long as the TDA is around, we can rest assured that, the best interests of poker will always be addressed. I am anxiously awaiting the new rules so we can begin talking about the changes we would like to see for the next TDA Summit.

For a pictorial of the 2011 Summit, please visit:
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